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16th Loksabha elections 2014 complete details

indian-flagThe world’s biggest democracy is heading towards its biggest event-elections which will kick off from today i.e. 7th April, 2014.
Dates of Indian general elections were announced some time back and today I will provide you here with the full details, dates and schedule of it. The 16th Indian Loksabha elections will be the longest and most expensive one in the history of the nation.It is expected that around 3,500 Cr rupees will be spent in this election keeping security and individual party expenditures out of consideration.This year’s elections are expected to see more involvement of Indian middle class and youth which in turn raises  Read More


Chhoti behen is no more now!!

nanda-actressBollywood was saddened by the sudden demise of one of the finest yesteryear actress Nanda on 25th Mar 2014. She passed away at her Versova Residence due to a heart attack.Born in 1939, Nanda started her career as a child artist in 1950 to support her family in bad times after her Marathi actor-director-producer father Master Vinayak died. She was again launched as lead protagonist in 1956 film Toofan Aur Diya with Rajendra Kumar by his uncle renowned actor-producer V. Shantaram. The saga depicted an emotional brother-sister bond between the two and Nanda was instantly hit after doing the movie.After this, she appeared in number of other films like Bhabhi,Beti,Badi Didi, Chhoti Behen,Kala Bazar and Char Diwari which were all a family drama plot.

It might be interesting to know that famous Raksha Bandhan song ‘Bhaiya Mere rakhi ke bandhan ko Nibhana’ was Read More


Holi Songs which will set you into mood

holi-colorsHoli has just gone by but Holi mood is still on. This festival of colours which is celebrated at the end of winters and at the arrival of spring is one of the most ancient Indian Hindu festival.This festival teaches us to forgive and forget out all our differences with each other, mend the broken relationships and start afresh, to enjoy,  to love, to laugh, to take care and above all to add colours to everyone’s life including yours.
The festival is celebrated on a date decided according to Hindu calendar and most of the time falling in the month of March. People colour each other using the dry colours called ‘gulaal’.Some use wet colours and water guns called ‘pichkari’ Read More


T20 Cricket World Cup 2014 arriving in style

icc-t20-2014-logoThe thrill of T20 is back with T20 cricket world cup 2014 arriving in style starting from March 16,2014 in Bangladesh this year.A total of 51 matches will be played between the participating teams including the 16 warm up matches. Also,there will be a total of 16 teams fighting for the cup this year.The format of the tournament is totally different from its previous versions which has made it very interesting.
There are six new teams namely Nepal, HongKong, UAE, Netherlands ,Afghanistan and Irealand which have been included this year. These new teams will fight with each other to top their respective groups and the topper from each group will  Read More


Asia Cup 2014 coming live from February 25

asia-cup-trophyThe 12th edition of Asia Cup is scheduled to come live from 25th February onwards.The tournament which was first established in the year 1983 will be hosted by Bangladesh this year with Afghanistan taking part first time in the series since its inception.
Thus, the nations battling for the trophy this year will be giants like India, Pakistan,Sri Lanka and Bangladesh including Afghanistan.Among all of them, India has been most successful till date in Asia Cup winning the cup five times. Pakistan has won the Read More


What happens during object creation in Java?

Object creation in Java is one of the very fundamental processes and it is very important to understand it clearly.As a Java developer you keep creating and dealing with objects now and then. But let’s try to look behind the scenes a bit here, step by step.

Obtaining objects of a class would involve the below mentioned steps:

  • First of all, a variable of the class type must be declared. Now, this variable doesn’t define the object.Rather it is a simple variable that can refer to an object.You call it an object reference.

Student s; // will declare a reference variable ‘s’ of type student

  • Now, an actual physical copy of that object should be acquired and address or reference of that object should be assigned to the above declared variable. This can be done by using the new operator. Now, using the new operator would involve below sequence of events back stage: Read More


Why main method is public static void in Java?

Since main() method in Java is the base from where execution in any class starts. It is very important to understand the signature of main method which is public static void main(String args[]). Now, let’s look at it bit by bit:

Why main() method is public: Declaring any method or variable public makes it accessible outside its class and provides it the widest scope possible.If a class is declared public, it is accessible outside its package. So, main method has been declared public to ensure its visibility outside its class i.e. to the Java runtime environment or java virtual machine.

Why main() method is static: In any object-oriented language like java, class is the smallest unit of executable code which means that any java source file must only contain classes and not a class with a separate main function like C++.Thus, it was necessary for java to define main() method as part of the class declaration itself.Now this became like famous chicken and egg problem. Read More


How Java Virtual Machine Works?

The key that allows Java language to be both secure and portable is that the output of a Java compiler is not executable code but rather it is a bytecode. You express your program in source files written in Java programming language, compile the source code to Java class files(bytecode), and run these class files on a Java virtual machine.

JVM working

Suppose, if your Java code is compiled to native code i.e. the machine code directly , then different versions of the same program would need to exist for each type of CPU-OS combination which is not a feasible solution. Thus, implementing it as a bytecode has made it easy to write portable programs in Java. Read More